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四つの感謝 The 4 Gratitudes

Aikido philosophy includes the idea of Gratitude, which is split into 4 categories for ease of visualization.

Usually, there is so much going on in our lives that we can easily become overwhelmed and stressed by everything. However, if we take a few minutes to be grateful for something around us in the morning when you wake up, when you are on your lunch break, or before going to sleep at night, it will help focus your mind and heart and bring some meaning back into our life, which is certainly needed in this hectic modern life.



1. Gratitude for the Universe 宇宙に対する感謝

We live in an amazing, terrifying, awe-inspiring world. Earth provides all of our needs, the sun provides the energy for life, the sky provides the weather and beautiful vistas. I am grateful for the air. It give us the oxygen we breathe, the refreshing breeze during training, and the clouds that bring life giving rain.

It also forms devastating storms that can provide us with hardships to challenge us. Being grateful for the hardships is difficult. I know, I find it hard to do so, but these hardships are there to challenge us and help us grow and come together.



2. Gratitude for our Ancestors 先祖に対する感謝

Everything about you is because of your ancestors. They had something about them that let them win the battle of the "survival of the fittest". There is something in you that is meant to survive. Find that and be grateful for it and help it grow.

Also be grateful for the people who came before us. Our technology, knowledge and lifestyle is because of their hard work and their mistakes. Learn from them and find your way to clarity in your feelings knowing that all the mistakes and hardships you may be going through have been experienced before and have been overcome.



3. Gratitude for our fellow Humans 周りの人間に対する感謝

This is who I am grateful for. Think of your own and remember to acknowledge them for the part they play your life:

I am grateful for my wife, who has given me 3 beautiful children and has stayed with me through thick and thin. She has praised my accomplishments and made me aware of my faults. She is a shining beacon of hope in my world.

I am grateful for my parents for providing support and affection and believing in me through my good and bad times.

I am grateful for my students and teachers in the Dojo and in other areas for challenging me and helping find my way through the confusion to understanding.

I am grateful for my friends for their support and advice.

I am grateful for my enemies who let me reflect on my faults and find a way to improve and mend the rift that has come between us.







4. Gratitude for the Plants and Animals that give up their live for our Sustenance 


In order to sustain our bodies, we need to take in matter from the world around us. The plants and animals are the source of this matter. I love cooking even though I'm terrible at it. However, every time I handle food, especially meat, I consider the best way I can honor the flesh by making the best and tastiest meal I can. So I look up recipes online and try to improve. The results are certainly worth it because my family are always excited when it comes to meal-time.

 我々の体を成長するするために世の中から栄養を取らにといけない。 その栄養は植物と動物にあります。 私はまだまだ下手ですが、料理は大好きです。 調理するたびに用意した素材(特に肉)を出来るだけ最高にウマイ食事に仕上げたい。オンライン・レシピを一生懸命調べて実施しようとしています。私の家族は私が作ったものを喜んで食べるのでちゃんと成果があります。

Being able to feel gratitude is sometimes taken for granted, but really try to take some time to fully appreciate the things in your life. I hope the ideas above that we use in aikido meditation help you find an new part of yourself and reduce the stress in this hectic life.


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