June 21, 2018

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June 27, 2018


At the top of Mt. Karasawa, at the end of a narrow path from the side of the Shrine...


sits this gorgeous old dojo.





A few of us from Oyama Aikikai Sano dojo and Tochigi dojo got together and looked at the concept of "aiki" using basic techniques.


Mt. Karasawa's shrine is home to a god of martial arts, so today's training was rather auspicious!

 相半身片手取り一教  刃物で斬るイメージが大切だ。刃筋の向きを意識すると技は掛けやすい。

Aihanmi-katate-dori Ikyo    Having an image as if cutting with a blade is important. Being aware of this direction of the cut makes the technique easier to execute.


 正面打ち一教表   手首で受けて、空いている手は受けの脇から肘まで大きく円を描くようにします。

Shomenuchi Ikyo Omote     Receive the attack at the wrist and use the free hand to draw a big circle from Uke's side.

 正面打ち一教裏   刃筋螺旋上に動かすとやりやすい。

Shomenuchi Ikyo Ura      Cut along a spiral path for ease of execution.

 隅落とし     相手の力を吸収して、自分の力と合わせて返します

Sumi-otoshi            Absorb your partner's strength, combine it with your own, and return it to them.

 天地投げ    同じように力を吸収して、津波のように返す!

Ten-Chi-nage        Again, absorb their power and return it with the force of a crashing wave!


正面打ち入り身投げ  かっこいいポーズをとると受けが吹っ飛んでしまいます!

Shomenuchi Iriminage      Strike a pose to make uke go flying!







After training, some of us did a small demonstration. This was just a fun exercise to show our normal training style.

First up is Hirai-san (5th dan) who sometimes teaches at the Tochigi dojo, with Osawa-san (1st kyu) who trains at both Sano and Tochigi dojos. (Osawa-san's hakama is not made for martial arts, so it was in a sorry state after training. Nothing that a mountain of string won't fix though...)



Next up is David (4th Dan), the instructor at Sano dojo with Shirayama-san (3rd Dan), an assistant instructor there.




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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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