June 21, 2018

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May 5, 2018

 前のブログに合気道の稽古法は三つ(素手・武器・瞑想)に分けることができると書きました。 素手の技は数え切れないほどあり、武器の技も沢山あり、もちろん瞑想もいくつかのやり方があります。








As mentioned in a previous blog, Aikido has 3 main ways of training (unarmed, weapons and meditation). Just as there are many unarmed and weapon techniques, there are several meditation methods.


One of these is the "Breath of Heaven"


As in the video, one breathes in as both hands are raised above the head, and breathe out as the hands open to the sides, and then they come together in front of one's tanden. Repeat 3 times.





1. 物理的: 指先が描いている球体を意識する。これが自分の影響範囲の堺を表す。相手の影響範囲と自分の影響範囲が重なったところに稽古ができます。 素手と武器の影響範囲が異なるのでそれを意識してください。

2. 内面的: 指先が描いている球体は自分のオーラを表すでしょう。相手は自分のオーラに近づくと元気をもらうことができます。




1. Physical: Pay attention to the edge of the sphere traced by the fingertips. This is the edge of your sphere of influence. Training occurs where you and your partner's spheres overlap. This distance changes between empty hands and with weapons, so be aware of this.


2. Mental: The sphere that your fingers trace out is your Aura. Anyone within your aura should feel glad to be there.





O-Sensei is said to have had a very strong and clear aura. An opponent could not approach O-Sensei without him being aware of them.

Also, when O-Sensei was in the dojo during training, everyone could practice well, but they couldn't when he left. His aura was keeping them together.




Try it out when you have some free time. Just as in the drawing at the top of the post, imagine you are radiant with energy, ready to face the day!









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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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