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合気道とハイキング Aikido and hiking

ある個人の生徒はハイキングが好きです。彼は合気道を学びたい理由はより効率よく歩きたいからです。数週間前に腰から動くというコンセプトを教えた。簡単な例として歩行者は信号待ちしている。 信号が青に変えたら、自分は自然体で立っているから体重を片足にシフトして反対側の足を引き上げて歩き出すことが多いと思います。今度、信号待ちして、歩き出すときに体重がどのように移動するかを意識してみてください。 私は重心を片足に乗せるより、そのまま前に倒しこむように歩き出す。 それで数週間前にこのアイデアをいくつかの動きを練習した。そして今日の稽古後、彼は最近のハイキングについて話してくれました。ハイキング途中に腰から動くことを思い出して、体の運び方を意識するようになりました。そうすると歩きやすくなって、いつもより疲れなかったと言いました。武道の動きを意識したことで、ハイキングを改善することができて、驚いたようでした。




One of my private students likes hiking. He wants to learn aikido to help him move more efficiently. A few weeks ago, we looked at the concept of moving from the hips; A simple example is when you are at a crossroads waiting for the lights to change, imagine you are standing comfortably with your weight distributed equally on each leg. When the light changes to green, how do you start walking? Do you shift your weight to one leg, or do you start falling forward without the lateral weight shift?

Many people shift their weight to one leg before moving forward. Next time you are waiting at the lights, think about how your weight shifts when you start moving.

So, a few weeks ago, I explained this to my student, and we did a few exercises to demonstrate the idea. After today’s class he told me about a recent hike he went on. While hiking, he found that moving from the hips made it easier to climb. Having awareness of movements from martial arts allowed him to improve his hiking.

Another student from a few years ago was riding her bike and narrowly avoided being hit by a car. She noticed the car, swerved, and hopped off the bike just in time. She attributed her lithe actions to the ukemi (breakfalls) learned in aikido.

The moves we have in aikido, or martial arts in general, give you better mobility, improves your situational awareness, freeing up some extra energy to be used in other activities.

Keep training, you never know where it will come in handy.


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