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指導者: David Harrandell 五段




Instructor: David Harrandell  5th Dan

David first began aikido at elementary school in England over 35 years ago, and now runs Sano Aikido.

His teaching draws on ideas from aikido, tai-chi, Shin-kage-Ryu Yamamoto-Ha Iai-Jutsu and other arts.


H.安西 4段


K.白山 3段


Assistant Instructors: 

H. Anzai 4th Dan

Mr. Anzai is an energetic, outgoing instructor. He works hard to unlock the secrets of Aikido.

K. Shirayama 3rd Dan

Mrs. Shirayama has been with Sano Dojo since its beginnings. She has a strong spirit and works hard to improve herself and others.

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